Heart’s Desire Hypnotherapy

Fibromyalgia?  Anxiety or depression?  Chronic pain or fatigue?  Insomnia?    
Feeling lost?  Seeking meaning, purpose, and real connection?

Have you ever wished that you could just be yourself?

Have you ever wondered how it would be to let yourself fully feel?

What if your deepest desires could actually enliven and inform your life?

What if your most authentic, integrated self is waiting
and longing for you to invite it forth?

What might happen if you simply turned inward and asked?

Imagine your deep heart’s longing empowering your life!  Heart’s Desire Hypnotherapy, facilitated trance work with Gayla Larson, can help you, through a state of focused and relaxed awareness, make the personal changes you’ve longed to create so that you can be your most authentic, empowered, vibrant self... so that you can be more fully alive expressed and fulfilled...from the inside out!  


As your guide I will encourage and guide you to enter into your unique inner world through a gentle interactive process. This process will assist you in freeing your subconscious mind to remove whatever is blocking you from realizing your goals.  From this deep authenticity, you can access the power of your imagination and inner resources for the purpose of making new choices and positive changes - positive, lasting changes which are in alignment with your deepest desires.

         Pain & Illness
             Habits & Addictions                        
                  Stress, Fear, Reactivity
                       Relationship Challenges
                                     Expand and Embrace:   
                                              Vision & Clarity
                                         Love & Creativity
                                               Health & Vitality
                                                    Spiritual Connection
                                                        Motivation & Purpose
                                                             Personal Empowerment

Throughout the process of a trance session, even in the deepest states of hypnosis, you always have complete freedom of choice in how you select and utilize the positive suggestions I offer. In other words, you are always ultimately in control! With each trance session you will cultivate greater accessibility to your inner landscape and resources.  As you become more familiar with your inner world you develop the skill of self-hypnosis.  With practice, self-hypnosis strengthens your virtual muscles of intuition and imagination. 
I believe that all hypnosis is ultimately self-hypnosis. The inward focus of hypnosis enables you to discover the place of inner safety and self trust from which the guidance of your own inner wisdom can emerge.  From various states of consciousness you become more able to access your emotions, unconscious memories, insights and intuitions, as well as your creativity, motivation and receptivity to powerful positive suggestions.  Your higher self actually already knows what is needed for your healing, growth and self actualization, ultimately awakening you to what lies beyond your personal self. 

The subconscious mind stores emotionally charged beliefs from past events.  These beliefs are capable of misdirecting your actions in ways that often seem beyond your control.  By re-experiencing these linked emotions and beliefs from the safety of a newly empowered position (with the aid of new inner resources and perspectives) you will be able to unlink them and develop more supportive beliefs, attitudes and emotional states which thereby promote greater well-being and effectiveness in life.

The essence of this work lies in facilitating new awareness and communication among the different parts of your self.  This process fosters a reintegration of previously disconnected, disowned or unconscious aspects of your being so they can function together in a more harmonious and mutually empowering way.

Such integration and healing is cultivated by allowing love, as compassionate open-hearted consciousness, to gently untangle the places of conflict and suffering in the body, mind and spirit.  In my work, I practice surrendering into this love, allowing it to guide my intuition and insight.  I invite and encourage my clients into the same open-hearted space of trust, ease and freedom within themselves.

Loving-kindness actually expands and holds lightly the entire range of human thoughts and feelings with non-judgmental compassion so that a deep sense of acceptance arises for the parts of ourselves that we have previously feared or resisted.  Being held in such a spacious sanctuary of healing energy invites a peaceful clarity that naturally begins to dissolve the crystallized patterns of physical and emotional contraction, constriction and pain that block and  limit freedom, wholeness and full self-expression.

I will support and empower you as you deepen your practice of self-hypnosis and begin to access and apply your inner resources to your daily activities. Such practice results in a level of self-discovery and mastery that you hadn’t previously realized was possible.  As your practice evolves you will begin to manifest profound and lasting changes with clarity, ease and grace to create the life of your dreams.

The greatest value I have to offer is a deeper experience and acceptance of your self as the unique and complex being you truly are thereby empowering you into a deeper practice of relating with your own positive inner resources.  I believe that each of us has a divine purpose for being.  My gift and skill is in guiding others on their journey towards realizing their unique purpose.  I would love to assist you in becoming the healthy, integrated and fulfilled person that is your potential.

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May you be blessed by your heart’s desire!